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3" All Weather Graphic Outdoor Padding

3" All Weather Graphic Outdoor Padding

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Categories: Fence Padding, Outdoor Padding Systems, Safety Padding & Graphics, Wall Padding Systems


Baseball stadiums, football fields, soccer complexes…it doesn’t matter the sport or the type of field, Bison can design customized solid color or full color printed graphic protective systems to help avoid contact injury. Walls, fences, poles, utility boxes, railings, dugouts, scoreboards and bleachers all create risks that can be avoided or reduced with careful consideration. Due to the custom nature of most outdoor padding needs, most projects are based on specific designs developed with our staff.

Neither snow nor rain nor dark of night…Oh wait, that's the US Postal Service motto, but it also applies to our All Weather Outdoor Padding and you can add heat, humidity, hail, sleet, wind, sunlight, frost and virtually any other common weather term to describe our padding’s durability • Typical All Weather Padding features ¾" BC SYP exterior grade plywood, 100% rust-proof stainless steel, brass or aluminum hardware and fittings, 3" thick mildew-resistant polyurethane foam and heavy outdoor durable vinyl coverings • Choose from sunfast solid or full color options • Each assembled panel, regardless of size, is vented at the bottom to allow moisture to escape, increasing both functional and aesthetic longevity • Outdoor padding is available in all sizes, styles, custom configuration and colors shown on page 96.

All Weather padding comes standard with flange style mounting but consult our Bison Padding Specialists to determine if "Z" Track Mounting, Chain Link or Hook and Loop Mounting better fits your specific needs for part or all of your installation.


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