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Bison offers a variety of gym chairs and team seating options including team sideline chairs, benches, locker room stools, chair back covers, and folding chair carts. Your team can now coordinate sideline chairs with the full-color graphics and logos on your team sports equipment, uniforms, and facility! Add matching chairs and seating to your next equipment order from Bison and let the graphics experts create a design that will make your players proud to be part of the team. Bison has the perfect team to design and construct padding to protect players from virtually any surface. Let our graphic design staff work with you to make your padding system not only offer superior safety but also exhibit your program pride with professional-yet-fun graphic designs. Ready to upgrade your gym or sports field?  Call Bison's customer service hotline at 800-247-7668 or find a local sporting goods dealer that sells Bison's full line of sports equipment. Team Sideline Chairs & Stools Team Sideline Chairs (minimum of 4) Sport Pride Team Chairs STC500S Team Seating Accessories Sport Pride Graphic Chair Back Covers STC100 Sport Pride Team Chair Connector STC500CONN Art Change fro Graphic Chairs, Stools, and Chair Back Covers ST CART Sideline Chairs & Team Seating FAQ Does Bison offer other seating options? Yes, Bison offers a full range of seating products to fit gyms for colleges' or schools' athletic programs, outdoor stadiums, and gymnasiums. Along with custom team chair products, Bison offers bleachers, team benches, and decorative benches that are perfect for any venue. Whether you are looking to order team chairs for your gymnasium, locker room stools, or benches for a stadium, Bison has the seating options to fit your needs. Why work with Bison for sideline chairs and team seating? Since 1985, athletic directors, coaches, facility administrators, and equipment managers have relied on Bison to provide safe, durable, innovative, and on-time products to fit their unique sports equipment needs. Our chairs have reinforced back legs, steel support bars, and rubber caps to protect the floor from chair feet. We design our products to make sure their look, price, and durability exceed expectations. Where are Bison's sideline chairs and team seating products manufactured? If purchasing sports equipment made in the USA is important to you and your customers, look no farther than Bison, who shares your values. Our sideline chairs and team equipment are composed of materials sourced from U.S. suppliers and are proudly manufactured in our Lincoln, Nebraska, plant, creating jobs to support the American economy.

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