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All Weather outdoor vinyl-covered foam padding systems from Bison are designed to resist all weather-related wear and tear with exterior grade plywood, rust-proof hardware, mildew-resistant foam, and durable vinyl coverings that are vented at the bottom to allow moisture to escape.  Outdoor stadium padding is available in any combination of sizes, styles, colors, and custom configurations with multiple mounting method options.

If you need safety padding…we’ve got you covered. Bison’s wall padding systems protect players from virtually any surface from simple flat walls to columns, doorways and overhead obstructions, both indoor and outdoor and solid color or with full-color graphics. With a wide variety of foams, fabrics, backing substrates and mounting methods, we will help you provide the padding system that best satisfies your program’s needs.

Bison is your source for premium quality sports venue padding, outdoor foam padding, stadium padding, outfield wall padding, football field wall padding, dugout padding, baseball padding, softball padding, fence padding, rail padding, waterproof foam padding, baseball backstop padding, and all outdoor safety padding needs.  We even offer playground safety padding, basketball court wall padding, basketball pole padding, and football goalpost padding.

Ready to upgrade your gym or sports field?  Call Bison’s customer service hotline at 800-247-7668 or find a local sporting goods dealer that sells Bison’s full line of sports equipment.

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