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T-REX® Recreational Portable Basketball System for Indoor Use

T-REX® Recreational Portable Basketball System for Indoor Use

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Bison now offers a T-Rex portable basketball system for every level of play from elite level international to intramural and recreational play. All T-Rex portables feature industry leading extension spring counterbalance technology making raising, lowering and storage simple, safe and fast. All pivot locations operate freely on zero maintenance, self-lubricating bearings and chrome plated steel pivot axles. Weight ballast is hidden from sight in a covered weight containment cell. Narrow profile uprights reduce visual interference for fans or media behind the base. Floor friendly 8" x 2" wide casters in a variety of configurations depending on the T-Rex model you select, make moving your T-Rex easy and worry free. All T-Rex portables, when in the transport position, will roll through any doorway that is at least 84" high and 78" wide.

T-Rex Recreational is identical to T-Rex Club except the backboard is constructed of ½" thick clear, unbreakable polycarbonate instead of glass making it perfect for facilities where there is concern of vandalism or other activities that might threaten traditional tempered glass backboards. In addition, T-Rex Recreational comes with a locking device to eliminate unwanted and unsupervised raising and lowering of the basket. Add ABC50 for custom padding graphics.

If your program intends to use T-Rex Recreational outdoors, order BA894USRO for an outdoor version of T-Rex Recreational that substitutes Bison outdoor backboard padding and weather resistant pressure treated plywood for OSB board as backing for the base padding system. In addition, BA894USRO includes a security lock system to insure that the unit cannot be lowered and rolled from its installed location without authorization.

Safe Play Area at 10': 54"
Polycarbonate Backboard Size: 42" x 72"
Breakaway Rim: BA35S
Beam Size: 4" Sq.
Ballast Weight: 950#
Total Weight: 1700#
Padded Base Dimension: 40"(w) x 65"(l)
Total 8" (d) x 2" (w) Wheels: 2 (F), 2 (R)
Stored Dimensions: 76"(w) x 124"(l) x 78"(h)
Beam Padding: Included
Rear Hold Down: Optional
Backboard Padding: BA68U, BA72U
Base Padding (16 colors): 2" Thick Stapled
Base Color: Bright White
Front Levelers: Lead Screw
Floor Load Transport: N/A
Floor Load Playing: N/A
Min. Required Floor Space Outside Court: 72"

Forklift or dock required for delivery. Contact Bison for other off-loading options.

Video available: T-Rex Basketball Portables: Unload & Setup

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