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T-REX® Club Portable Basketball System

T-REX® Club Portable Basketball System

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Bison now offers a T-Rex portable basketball system for every level of play from elite level international to intramural and recreational play. All T-Rex portables feature industry leading extension spring counterbalance technology making raising, lowering and storage simple, safe and fast. All pivot locations operate freely on zero maintenance, self-lubricating bearings and chrome plated steel pivot axles. Weight ballast is hidden from sight in a covered weight containment cell. Narrow profile uprights reduce visual interference for fans or media behind the base. Floor friendly 8" x 2" wide casters in a variety of configurations depending on the T-Rex model you select, make moving your T-Rex easy and worry free. All T-Rex portables, when in the transport position, will roll through any doorway that is at least 84" high and 78" wide.

T-Rex Club satisfies the need of many programs looking for a quality spring assisted portable system with a full size glass backboard and breakaway goal but are dealing with even more limited space and budgets. Club is designed to have many of the durability, stability and safety features of other T-Rex systems but the base has been downsized for space and cost considerations. While Club costs and weighs much less than other models, its 950# of factory installed hidden ballast still provides superior tip over stability even without use of optional rear hold downs. Its lighter overall weight and size allow easier set up, tear down, transport and storage. Add ABC50 for custom padding graphics.

Safe Play Area at 10': 54"
Glass Backboard Size: 42" x 72"
Breakaway Rim: BA35S
Beam Size: 4" Sq.
Ballast Weight: 950#
Total Weight: 1700 #
Padded Base Dimension: 40"(w) x 60"(l)
Total 8" (d) x 2" (w) Wheels: 2 (F), 2 (R)
Stored Dimensions: 76"(w) x 124"(l) x 78"(h)
Beam Padding: Included
Rear Hold Down: Optional
Backboard Padding: 17 colors
Base Padding (16 colors): 2" Thick Stapled
Base Color: Bright White
Front Levelers: Lead Screw
Floor Load Transport: N/A
Floor Load Playing: N/A
Min. Required Floor Space Outside Court: 72"

Forklift or dock required for delivery. Contact Bison for other off-loading options.

Video available: T-Rex Basketball Portables: Unload & Setup

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