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Centerline Aluminum EZ System without Padding

Centerline Aluminum EZ System without Padding

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Categories: Aluminum EZ, Centerline Series, Indoor Volleyball, Lifetime Warranty Products, Steel & Aluminum Posts, Volleyball, Volleyball & Net Games


EZ features the same basic design as our popular VB1000 telescoping aluminum Centerline System but with the added convenience of an internal lead screw that allows fine tuning of the net height with the simple turn of a handle on the pole usually with minimal or no net tension reduction. 39# post fits in all manufacturers’ 3" floor sockets.

See Photo for System Features [Video]
• Bison Exclusive Top Rope Dome
• Special 2½" Aluminum Extrusion Shape
• Telescoping Net Height Adjustment
• Permanently Engraved Net Height Indicators
• 39# Non-Winch Post Weight; 44# Winch End Post Weight
• Special 3" Aluminum Extrusion Shape
• Adjustable Velcro Bottom Rope Strap
• Bottom Rope Ratchet Tensioner
• Forever Lifetime Warranty Winch
• Internal Net Height Adjustment Handle
• Durable Silver-Gray Powder Coated Finish
• 1.35" Post Deflection at 250# Net Tension
• Floor Friendly Adjustable Feet

Additional Popular Features on Complete Systems:
• Kevlar Competition Net
• VB13 Antennas and Boundary Tapes
• Rope Ratchet Side Tape Tensioners
• Available as Side-by-Side Court Option
• Free 1 Color Lettered Post Padding
• Free Net Storage Bag
• Free Net Rope Cable Covers
• Free Chain Net Height Gauge
• Free Socket Adapters (on request)
• Order VB51PGUP to Upgrade to Graphic Post Padding

Compare this system to other Bison volleyball systems at a glance or watch the comparison video.

Videos available: Measuring Existing Volleyball Floor Sockets, Volleyball Net Rope Knot, Using a Chain Net Height Gauge, Setting Volleyball Net Height & How to Setup a Bison Volleyball System

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