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Arena JR Freestanding Portable Double Court System

Arena JR Freestanding Portable Double Court System

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Truly portable with no anchor or loose ballast and a super streamlined base. Complete system includes 3" Centerline® aluminum pole system that can be used both in the bases and in gym floor sockets. Order just the VB80JR padded bases to use with your own 3", 3½" or 4" poles. See chart for system options. Substitute VB10T (standard only) or VB100T (standard with winch) for shortened posts if you intend to use posts only in the portable bases. Call for details.

Popular Features on Complete Systems:
• Kevlar Competition Net
• VB13 Antennas and Boundary Tapes
• Rope Ratchet Side Tape Tensioners
• Available as Side-by-Side Court Option (with optional VB810 court adder)
• Free 1 Color Lettered Post Padding
• Free Net Storage Bag
• Free Net Rope Cable Covers
• Free Chain Net Height Gauge

VB8100JR Arena JR Freestanding Portable Stats:
Upper post material: 2½" Aluminum
Lower post material: 3" Aluminum
Base socket diameter: 3", 3½", 4"
Approx. post deflection: 1.25"
Post warranty: Lifetime Limited
Winch style: 26:1 Worm Gear
Winch warranty: Lifetime Limited
Net height indicator: Engraved
Net height adjustment method: Spring Assisted Telescoping
Free lettered padding: Yes (see chart)

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Forklift or dock required for delivery. Contact Bison for other off-loading options.

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