Collection: Floor Sockets & Anchors

Bison should be your first call for socket adapters, floor sockets and anchors, and creative solutions to volleyball installation challenges.  If you aren’t sure of your existing volleyball floor socket size, order a free floor socket gauge kit!  If your current floor sockets don’t match up with the Bison complete volleyball system you want to purchase, Bison will provide free socket adapters for both width and depth or purchase oversize adapters to fit larger posts into smaller sockets.

Bison has a premium floor socket for every application and each socket includes a unique shimming solution for a perfect fit plus compensation for potential post deflection.  Floor plates are available to order in hinged brass, lockable hinged brass, swiveling chrome plated steel, and plated aluminum.

The good sports at Bison at 800-247-7668 are standing by, ready to help you find the perfect fit for your facility.  Request a quote online or find a Bison dealer near you.

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