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Field hockey goals from Bison are aluminum with weatherproof kick boards and include the popular QwikTrack net attachment system.  Wheel kits and replacement hockey nets are also available.  Give Bison a call at 800-247-7668 or simply request a quote online. Bison offers a wide range of team goals to meet the needs of college, high school, club, recreation and youth programs. Consider the design features and warranty, not just the price, before you invest in your next pair of goals. Injuries including concussions, broken bones, cuts and damaged teeth caused by player contact with goals are common. Over 80% of all portable goal tip over injuries and deaths reported in a recent study occurred with the use of homemade goals produced in shop class or at a local fabrication facility.  Safe storage when goals are not in use is a very important best practice. Features like transport systems and built-in safety ballast on portable goals make goal movement easier and safer. Avoid net attachment systems with loose clips or Velcro straps or unsafe protruding net attachment hardware. and choose goals with built-in net attachment tracks like Bison’s QwikTrack.  Safety padding is also recommended.

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