Product Innovations

Our Unrivaled Commitment to our Customers

Bison will continue to pursue product development ideas with a special focus on player safety, facility flexibility and convenience and durability. Most of the product innovations we have brought to market since our inception have been the result of input from coaches, athletic directors and employees and friends who participate in a wide variety of sports. As our tag line “A Goal For Every Game” implies, we will continue to concentrate on “Made in the USA” equipment for all levels of popular high school and college sports. Send us your ideas!

Bison Breakaway Basketball Goal

In 1985, Bison introduced the first durable, cost effective, affordable breakaway goal that allowed virtually every gym to have breakaway goals on both main and side courts.  The latest version (BA3180) offers 180 degrees of breakaway player protection.

The Original DuraSkin® Backboard Padding now with a 10-Year warranty

A creative replacement for foam glue-on padding that was prone to deteriorate and fall off, DuraSkin bolt-on backboard padding was invented by Bison in 1989.  DuraSkin quickly became the standard in the industry and Bison now offers 17 school colors and an unprecedented 10-year replacement warranty.

First Lifetime Warranty Playground Basketball System (Ultimate™ series)

Bison’s introduction of the Ultimate Outdoor Basketball System in 1990 offered an unconditional lifetime warranty on the entire system–including the rim–even when installed in the toughest unsupervised playground environments.  Playground equipment hasn’t been the same since.

Centerline Elite Competition Volleyball Systems

In 1998, Bison added Centerline Aluminum Competition Volleyball systems to their catalog.  Centerline poles use specially-designed 3″ extrusions that balance the appeal of lightweight aluminum with the desire for pole rigidity.  Premium features such as a lifetime warranty 26:1 worm gear winch, top rope domes, and adjustable height feet are unique in the industry.

Bison engineered telescoping wall-mounted basketball structures

Bison engineered telescoping wall mounted basketball structures in 1998 that are perfect for new gym construction and renovation projects with tight lead times.  The structures are in-stock in swing up, side fold and stationary models and make it easy to line up with existing court lines at installation.

Easy Up™ Youth Mini Goals

For over 25 years, Easy-Up Youth Mini Goals have put the rim within reach for youth basketball programs.  In 2004, Bison created a multi-height system that one person, without tools, could adjust in 6″ increments.  The TR86 now adjusts from 9′ to 6-½′ for kids as young as four years old!

Lady CarbonMax™ and a full line of carbon fiber volleyball systems

2006 brought carbon composite technology to the volleyball world!  These new carbon fiber volleyball systems are lighter weight than most aluminum posts but are more rigid to allow for maximum net tensioning.  Bison now manufactures an industry-leading four carbon systems, including an exclusive women’s-height only system.

Arena II™ Free-Standing

Bison’s Arena Freestanding Portable Volleyball System was the first volleyball system of its kind in 2006.  Arena requires no floor sockets, no floor hold downs, no guy wires, no ceiling installation and no loose ballasts and refuses to sacrifice net tensioning and post rigidity.

Patented No-Tip™ Soccer Goals

Patented No-Tip Soccer Goal packages, introduced by Bison in 2009, improve safety related to tip-over risks and transport without the need to rely on loose ballasts or undependable anchoring systems.  The sand-filled ballast drums double as large, easy-to-roll rear wheels and heavy ballasts that are in compliance with ASTM F2056 and F2673.

Magic™ Self-Storing Volleyball System

Magic™ Volleyball Systems magically twist and turn into a 30″ deep well in the floor for quick and easy setup and storage.  These telescoping systems, offered by Bison as early as 2010, are great for new construction but also are retrofitable for most gymnasium floors.